Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back in the "Lower 48"

Friday, July 24, 2009 – Once again we spent several hours at the repair facility only to be told they cannot replace the bad cooling sensor. They assured us that it will be fine to drive with the fan turned on all the time until we get home. We left Eugene around 11:00 AM and continued on towards home via Interstate 5 South. When we crossed the border into California the border inspection asked about fruits and vegetables and we told him we had a few apples, some blueberries, and a partial head of lettuce. He asked if we had any cherries and I had forgotten that we had a box in the refrigerator. I showed him what we had and he told us that for future reference cherries from Washington and Oregon are not allowed in California but since we had been so forthcoming about declaring them we could keep them but not to throw the pits away indiscriminately due to the threat of fruit fly contamination. Who knew? We continued on into Yreka and got a space at the Yreka RV Park for the night. We drove around Yreka and stopped for a few groceries. The campground host recommended the Puerto Vallarta Restaurant and since I never turn down Mexican food we went there for dinner. The food was great especially my molcajete which is a spicy Mexican stew. I had never had it before but immediately went online and found a recipe because it is a dish I will want to cook at home. At the end of the meal the waiter brought us each a complimentary tequila shot. I was reluctant to try it but it was surprisingly smooth and did not have a strong alcohol taste at all.

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