Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, America

Saturday, July 4, 2009 – The town of Haines had a full day of activities planned to celebrate Independence Day so we set out from the campground in time to see the big parade down Main Street starting at 11:00 AM. The parade featured fire trucks, kids on bikes, tractors with trailers in tow, and people and dogs decked out in their red, white, and blue regalia. Virtually every unit in the parade was showering the parade goers with candy which was a delight to children lining the route who came armed with bags for their loot. After the parade we followed the crowd to the city park where they had a craft sale, pies by the local women’s club, and a barbeque. Other amusing activities included mud volleyball, a fire hose competition to move a buoy suspended from a rope between two tractors, a pie eating contest, nail driving competition, and a variety of foot races. Virtually the whole town showed up to celebrate and it really made you feel that you were seeing Americana at its best. We watched all the different activities and then returned to the campground where we grilled steaks and had baked potatoes and corn with Bill and Pam. At 11:00 PM the town hosted a fireworks show but since we have an early morning date with the ferry we passed on the show.

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